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Hello, I’m Mollie!

I’m an assistant professor of technical communication at Arizona State University. My research interests lie at the intersection of the rhetoric of health and medicine, digital rhetoric, disability rhetoric, and technical communication.

My background is interdisciplinary (a mix of humanistic and social science training), and I value collaboration and interdisciplinarity in my current work as well. Across all my work, I keep central a focus on rhetoric as interaction that is linguistic and material, human and non-human, embodied and affective, contingent and contextual, and ever-shifting. This active, ecological view of rhetoric and interaction informs both my research and my writing.

More specifically, I am interested in the impacts of health discourse and practice in settings outside medical institutions on people’s daily lived experience. To that end, my dissertation examines how texts/discourse (broadly construed) and practices within and around an employee wellness program impact people’s lived experience with food and health.

I’ve taught courses in first year writing, technical and business writing, and digital rhetoric. I am especially interested in socially just pedagogical work around multimodal composition and digital literacies.